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Green Bee Cleaning Company was founded in 2008.  

We have been creating beautiful, healthy, and refreshing living and working environments around Asheville since 2008.  Our Western North Carolina community has voted us one of the best cleaning companies available every year since 2013.

We owe this recognition to our amazing staff and environmentally sound principles in cleaning. We are grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community and are proud to be a successful women owned small business!   We take great pride in ensuring a service that is conscientious, diligent, and reliable.

When we clean your home or workspace, everything is done with your health and our health in mind. Our goal is to remove build up from your home or workplace, improve the indoor air-quality, and reduce the levels of toxins and chemicals your family or co-workers are exposed to each day.  We are proud to create healthy spaces. We bring all of our own supplies including top of the line vacuum cleaners and a bevy of all natural cleaning products!

Since 2008, we have produced and offered our own line of environmentally conscious cleaning products all of which are made in-house.  Amanda has extensive knowledge regarding essential oils, their therapeutic properties, as well as their cleansing powers.  We clean with the products we make and can attest to their effectiveness!  Our products are available here and at our office, located in Historic Montford.

We believe in readily biodegradable, environmentally conscious cleaning products, that improve indoor air quality and mood!  Our products are made with the chemically sensitive person in mind.  We use high quality essential oils, ABSOLUTELY NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES and all of our products can easily be made unscented.  

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Please call 2 weeks in advance to schedule a clean during the Holiday Season.

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"I have used Sunshine Window Cleaning before and will again. They're very professional, reliable, and always do a very fine job. This time I wanted them to come quickly before out-of-town guests arrived and the person who scheduled my job couldn't have been more responsive in accommodating my needs . It's a great company." Bill L.

"They were very responsive, arriving exactly at the appointed time, and asking which windows we wanted cleaned. Their work was excellent, they wiped up any stray water, and left us with dazzlingly clean windows." Gerry P.

"I live in a house at the top of a mountain and had never had the windows cleaned. We had to reschedule 3 times due to snow and ice conditions but they were very flexible and we finally got a nice day for them to come out. They washed all windows inside and out and did an absolutely AMAZING job! I am now on their schedule to have my windows cleaned each spring. I'm so happy that I found them! Great company!" Betty C.

Services from Green Bee save me time and stress. It's so much easier to keep my house clean long term when I receive a really comprehensive clean every month. Plus after you all come my house smells so good and looks better than when I would spend an entire Saturday cleaning it. - Gina

I've been very impressed with Greenbee. We love Abby, she does an amazing job and look forward to the weekly clean. The company has been wonderful and I have no complaints! - Mary

This may go down in history as one of the best birthday gifts ever!! Rachel loved the bow on the door, the heavenly smell when she entered and of course her home was spotless. She said it brought her to tears, which most definitely does not happen often. I can not thank you enough. OUTSTANDING!! -Pamela

Thank you so much for doing such a terrific job. I am sure you are Asheville's premier cleaning company and certainly better than all the rest! Sometimes you hit it out of the park~you did. .With gratitude, ps EVERYONE thought the gift of a clean(natural) house was a BEST present - Pamela

This may go down in history as one of the best birthday gifts ever!! Rachel loved the bow on the door, the heavenly smell when she entered and of course her home was spotless. She said it brought her to tears, which most definitely does not happen often. I can not thank you enough. OUTSTANDING!! -Pamela

The three most important and decisive criteria I look for in a housekeeping service are RELIABILITY, HONESTY/TRUSTWORTHINESS AND EFECTIVENESS. In all three areas you excel! - Leon Escude

"I am very happy with the service that Greenbee provides. My Greenbee is dependable and does an excellent job. I love that the products are all natural. The house always smells amazing when she is done. I'm going to have to try out some of the other products." - Brenda

"I recommend GreenBee Cleaning Service to everyone. In addition to using safe products, the staff is thorough, efficient and reliable. Our most recent ‘bee’ was Audrey and she was exceptional. Having experienced the GreenBee service for years now, it is obvious that the high level of service starts at the top. Great management equals great service." - Southard

"One thing I enjoy most is that wonderful smell! When I arrive home from work, it just instantly relaxes me. So fresh and no chemicals. Everyone is very professional, timely and a real joy to deal with." - Margaret

"I have 2 small children, and dirt builds up fast! Greenbee allows me to spend precious time off work with my kids, rather than cleaning. I really appreciate coming home to a clean house, knowing I don't have to worry about toxins in the air, on the floor, on the furniture... whatever they crawl, walk, or lie on, whatever they pick up off the floor and put into their mouths, I feel reassured it will be safe, clean, and natural." - Rebecca

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