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Green Bee Cleaning Company was founded in 2008.  

We have been creating beautiful, healthy, and refreshing living and working environments around Asheville since 2008.  Our Western North Carolina community has voted us one of the best cleaning companies available every year since 2013.

We owe this recognition to our amazing staff and environmentally sound principles in cleaning. We are grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community and are proud to be a successful women owned small business!   We take great pride in ensuring a service that is conscientious, diligent, and reliable.

When we clean your home or workspace, everything is done with your health and our health in mind. Our goal is to remove build up from your home or workplace, improve the indoor air-quality, and reduce the levels of toxins and chemicals your family or co-workers are exposed to each day. We are proud to create healthy spaces. We bring all of our own supplies including top of the line vacuum cleaners and a bevy of all natural cleaning products! 

Since 2008, we have produced and offered our own line of environmentally conscious cleaning products all of which are made in-house.  Amanda has extensive knowledge regarding essential oils, their therapeutic properties, as well as their cleansing powers.  We clean with the products we make and can attest to their effectiveness!  Our products are available here.

We believe in readily biodegradable, environmentally conscious cleaning products, that improve indoor air quality and mood!  Our products are made with the chemically sensitive person in mind.  We use high quality essential oils, ABSOLUTELY NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES and all of our products can easily be made unscented.

Amanda Bullivant

Amanda Bullivant, Co-owner

Amanda has been calling Western North Carolina home since 2002 and has been a part of the Green Bee family since April 2010. She advanced to the products manager position shortly thereafter and has been expanding our product line ever since. Amanda has been studying essential oils and their benefits for over a decade and completed a course with The School for Aromatic Studies. Amanda has extensive knowledge regarding essential oils, their therapeutic properties, as well as their cleansing powers. In 2012, Amanda became the general manager of Green Bee and became an owner of the company in 2016. A big part of her job is fielding questions from prospective clients, providing quotes, scheduling, and helping all the bees do the best job that they can.

Loren Carty

Loren Carty, Co-owner

Loren founded the Green Bee Cleaning Company in October 2008 and then bought the Sunshine Window Cleaning Company in 2010. Loren received an undergraduate degree from Appalachian State University in Sustainable Development and a graduate degree from Milligan College in Occupational Therapy. Through her coursework and her career path, she has been studying the social, environmental, health and economic impacts of our footprints since 2002. The business world has provided a unique medium for Loren to put her education to use and to contribute to her greater community.

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