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Love the way your home smells and feels after we've cleaned? Purchase our homemade products to use in your home or office between cleans. Our products are all natural and safe to use. While our cleaning services are currently only available in the greater Asheville area, we ship our products across the country. All products are available in bulk to local businesses. Please contact us for pricing and inquiries.



Homemade Soaps

GreenBee has collaborated with Foothills Local Meats to bring you Butcher Babe Tallow Soap!  We are currently selling our beautiful soap at Butcher Bar West, Butcher Bar Black Mountain, and at the English Farmstead Cheese Store in Marion, NC. We make our soap with the tallow from the butcher shop and blend it with clay, charcoal, mica, oatmeal, salt, essential oils, etc. The possibilities are endless! We've had a great time producing this soap and are proud of all the positive feedback we've received! One of the most notable characteristics of our soap is how long it lasts. Tallow is a very hard fat and a bar of our soap will easily outlast any traditional bar on the market.  Soaps made with vegetable oils tend to wear away a lot quicker which results in purchasing more and more soap!  Give Butcher Babe a try and enjoy the moisturizing qualities of tallow!  

For inquiries regarding scents currently available, custom and holiday orders email Amanda at